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Jennifer M Gardella
Carrolton-Farmers Branch ISD
I have aspired to change the world where I can. I am an upbeat, positive person that majority of the time has a camera in my hand. Growing up in Highschool my dad always had a camera in hand, on the sidelines capturing moments for myself and my classmates. He took pictures of everyone to ensure no one was left out. To this day people still tell me thank you for those memories he captured for their family. That love to behind the lens started for me in high school, I got to travel the area taking pictures of our adventures with drill team. As one of the historians for our drill team and on the yearbook committee I got to see so many reactions behind the lens. I had perfect attendance for 12 years along with 1 fellow graduating senior. I enjoyed shaping the children of our future for 14 years running my own dayschool. I had a passion for caring for young children and showing off their milestones they had achieved. I enjoy taking picture, making keepsake memories for their families, and capturing priceless moments for others around me. I had a new passion becoming a parent and being there for their milestones. My kids learned from a young age what a flash looks like, I count, and they smile. I volunteered at their campuses until they were in 7th grade. Everything from room mom, PTO President, and yearbook designer. Moments like that I get to hold onto for a lifetime while being close as they grew up.

My passion to provide the best I can I have instilled in my kids as well. I show them no matter the obstacle, don’t give up and keep pushing. I capture their moments at school and along their journey as I can.

Thank you for your consideration for TAPT Historian 2023-2024 term

Jennifer Gardella
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