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Updated DPS Information

Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP) Implementation Information

The following information was received from Rebecca Rocha of the Texas DPS School Transportation Division concerning implementation of the Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP).
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has enacted new regulations governing the Commercial Driver License (CDL) issuance process in a continuing effort to increase the safety of the motoring public on our highways.  These regulations are effective for all states, including Texas, and this notification is being provided to you as a courtesy so that you are aware of upcoming changes to Texas’ CDL process, which may have an impact on your current business operations.
Beginning December 12, 2016, all of the following CDL applicants will be required to obtain a Commercial Learner Permit (CLP), and maintain this permit for a minimum of 14 days before being eligible to complete the road (skills) test for the issuance of a commercial driver license.
  • All original commercial driver license applicants who do not currently have a CDL.
  • All CDL holders desiring to upgrade their class of CDL (Class C to B or A, Class B to A)
  • All Class A or B learner licenses with a Q or R restriction (does not apply to exempt vehicles)
  • All CDL holders desiring to add a Passenger (P) or School Bus (S) endorsement
Any CDL applicant or CDL holder in one of the above categories who has made application at their local driver license office on or before December 9, 2016, will have 90 days from the date of application to complete the issuance process.  These applicants will not be required to hold a CLP for the federally mandated minimum 14 day period to complete their transaction.  If the applicant does not complete the transaction or testing process within the allowable 90 days or fails any exam three (3) times, a new application will be required and the applicant will be required to comply with the new federal provisions.
For informational purposes, the CLP will be a secondary supplemental document to a Texas driver license similar to both appearance and size, however, it is not considered valid unless presented along with a Texas driver license.  The CLP will have the same driver license number, address, and photograph as the base Texas driver license and will state “Commercial Learner Permit” across the top of the card.  Any appropriate restrictions or endorsements that apply to the CLP appear on the face of the card.   Additional information may be found on our website at

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