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Employee Awards

The TAPT Employee of the Year Awards Program affords the opportunity for TAPT Members in a Supervisory role to recognize deserving staff members.  Those selected will be recognized at the annual Awards Banquet.

The award categories and brief descriptions are listed below.  Please be sure to read and explain why the person being nominated is deserving of the recognition.
  • Deadline for submissions:  April 1
  • The person submitting the nomination must be a TAPT Member in good standing.

Regular Education Driver of the Year
Person who drives or subs on a general education route to transport students to school and home each day.

Regular Driver Above and Beyond Award
This person should be a route or sub driver who not only meets expectations but goes above and beyond for the students he or she transports or for the department.

Special Needs Driver of the Year
Person who drives or subs on a route to transport students with special needs to school and home each day.

Special Needs Attendant of the Year
Person whose role is to assist the driver on a route that transports students with special needs.
This award is sponsored and presented by Sure-Lok/QStraint and should be a driver or attendant who goes above and beyond daily expectations related to the transportation of students with special needs.

Rookie of the Year
This person may be anyone in the Transportation Department who has only been employed one year or less but has exceeded expectations for someone new to their position.

Operations Specialist of the Year
This category could include routers, dispatchers, trainers, lead drivers, field trip coordinators or anyone in a similar position that has exceeded expectations.

Supervisor of the Year
This person should be someone in a supervisory role within the transportation department who is a role model and promotes the safe transportation of students.

TAPT Person of the Year
This award may be for anyone in the Transportation Department, including Directors or Assistant Directors who have demonstrated true leadership through a challenging or difficult situation.

Nominations now being accepted through April 1, 2021!
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